I’ve helped decorate many homes and there’s no question about it…

I love a good karate chop on my pillows. I’ve had people say “It’s out”, “Real decorators

don’t do it”. But I disagree. Flip through magazine ads, websites with home decor images

and time after time you will always see the good ole Karate chop on the pillow.

I’m also a fan of synthetic down filled pillow inserts as well. They are perfect for chopping.

(and you never get feathers sticking in you!)

You can also chop some polyfill inserts but the indent isn’t quite the same and doesn’t hold as well.

So say what you will, weather it’s right or wrong… I will be karate chopping pillows till I’m old and grey.

Here is a great article on the debate from Houzz.com

(click on the link below)

To chop or not to chop