Mauviel is a high-quality line which is made in France.

This listing is for a 5.5 inch and 7 inch used Mauviel M’Passion Copper Sugar Saucepans.

7 inch pot handle has slight bend on one end as shown on picture.

  • Pastry chefs and confectioners rely on this traditional copper pot to heat sugar or sugar syrups for making candies and desserts. The pan can be used for preparing everything from pralines, caramels and hard candies to Italian meringue and buttercream frostings.
    • Unlined 2mm-gauge copper for superior heat conductivity and temperature control.
    • Flat base and straight sides encourage sugar to melt swiftly and smoothly.
    • Riveted tubular copper handle.
    • Narrow spout simplifies pouring.

Heating sugar for caramel or candy requires precise, even temperatures, which is why a copper sugar saucepan, with its superior heat conductivity, is often the choice of pastry chefs. Most copper cooking vessels—like this charlotte mold—are lined with a nonreactive metal, but copper sugar saucepans are unlined (and should be used only for sugar, not general cooking).

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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 26 × 24 cm