It seems like everywhere I look there are SOLD signs on so many houses. That’s great news for

buyers and sellers. Buying a new or new to you house is always exciting, it can be stressful, but mostly



Custom pillows make wonderful housewarming gifts for your friend or family member. It’s just

a little something to show you put some extra special thought into their gift. The great thing is that

they can be used in so many places in the house. On a bench in the entry way, the living room, den, or the bedroom.


Some people like to put the address of the home on a pillow, while other’s choose the first names of the couple.

The “Street” pillows have been popular for people moving into an area. Listing the street and surrounding streets

makes for a fun and modern themed pillow.  Other’s have put the family’s last name on the pillow along with the couple and their

children’s names. The possibilities are endless.  No matter what you decide, it’s a gift the new home owners are sure to cherish.



Photography: Selena Houghton