I love fall. I always have.

I love the feeling of the coolness outside and being warm and cozy inside. The tart burner sending delicious smells through the house, I think coffee even taste better in the fall!.

When you spend more time inside, having a cozy relaxing place to come home to every day is important. You want it to be a place where your guests feel welcomed and relaxed as well.

It’s easy to switch up your decor in the fall and make things a little cozier.

Throws in baskets or on the couch are a necessity in my house. I love sitting on the couch wrapped in a warm throw.

Switching out your pillows and throws for more textural fabrics in the fall like wool, knits and faux fur adds a nice feel to a room.

EVERY room needs plants or greenery of some sort, whether it’s fake or real…it’s needed to finish off a room.

I love wicker/ seagrass baskets or trays, they add a nice element to a room too.

Candles or tarts that smell like cinnamon, pumpkin or cookies are my favorite, right now I’m ¬†burning Scentsy, Farmstand pumpkin. Sooo good.

Sometimes I will switch out the decor in the room for heavier darker objects in the fall & winter. Like taking a white vase and switching it out for some dark brown pottery I have. I like to change things around….makes me feel like I bought new stuff! haha

A touch of silver or gold is always nice to add to your decor. I’m in love with hammered gold pieces right now.

Whatever pieces you add to your room for fall/winter. Keep it simple. Decorating doesn’t have to be a lot of stuff, it’s just about having fewer pieces of “the right stuff”.

Happy Fall!

Photography: Selena Houghton


Photography: Selena Houghton

Photography: Selena Houghton