You can have the most beautiful pillow cover in the world, but if your insert doesn’t fit properly, it’s certainly not going to look like the most beautiful pillow in the world.

Inserts can be tricky, it’s taken me a lot of trial and error to get them the way I want them. We have ours made to a specific weight, so it’s the best fit for our pillows.

Companies that manufacture pillow covers make them all very differently. The outer shells of the covers can be different materials, The stuffing of the inserts is done with a machine / by hand so it can really vary where you buy it from. The process of how they’re packaged even affects their shape as well.

Many stores sell sizes that are the most popular, but if you had an odd size pillow cover it can be difficult to find an insert to fit it.  You can buy an 18 or 20 inch insert at one store then go to a different store, buy the same size and they can fit your pillow cover very differently.

Stores I know of that sell inserts locally are Fabricville, The Wicker Emporium, and Bouclair

You can of course, buy them from us online with your pillow cover. We get many compliments on the quality of our inserts. But if you don’t buy them from us, we want to help you make the best decisions for the best fit when buying elsewhere.

Generally, you want to go one size larger for an insert. If your pillow cover is 18 inches, you would want a 19 inch pillow insert. But pillow size depends on pillow form weight as we mentioned.  Many big box stores have lower quality inserts with less fill and so you would need an even larger size for a pillow cover.

Below is a picture example of one pillow with two different sized inserts. The pillow cover is 18 inches, the first picture has a 19 inch pillow insert and the second picture is 18 inch insert.

A pillow insert that doesn’t fit your pillow with almost make the pillow look a bit twisted and out of shape. The second pillow above just doesn’t have a good shape to it and that is because it has an incorrect size insert in it.

So we hope that some of this info helps you get the best fit for your pillow cover.