Leather furniture can be challenging for pillows, everything is so slippery.

Your best bet for leather is down-filled inserts. These inserts give the pillow more weight

and a better base to stand up on, which in turn makes it less likely for them to keep sliding down.

Here is some great advice from decorator Kristie Barnett, the Decorologist.

Leather sofas are low maintenance and a favorite of those with young children, pets, and singles who enjoy eating pizza and whatnot in front of the television every night. Many of my clients have dark leather sofas in their homes but express frustration at the boring and bachelor-pad look of such a sofa.

So here’s what I look for when choosing pillows for a leather sofa:

1) pillows that are in light neutrals or COLOR (to contrast the dark leather),

2) pillows that are down-filled, and

3) pillows featuring textured and interesting fabric.

Stay away from any kind of slick fabric (like silk), because it will slide right off of leather onto the floor, and that’s all kinds of irritating. Same is true of poly-filled pillows. You need a heavier pillow that will hold it shape and not slide off the leather. And to brighten the darkness of a dark leather sofa, lighter neutrals or any bold COLOR is certainly the way to go for pillows.