Christmas can be a stressful time of the year for many. It can also be a very expensive time of year. I like to keep the decorating fairly simple.

I’m very much a minimalist, and I decorate for Christmas pretty much the same way. Nothing extravagant, nothing over the top.

Key spots in your home where visitors will be or where your family hangs out, those are the places I like to concentrate on.

In the living room, your tree will generally be your main focal point. Your sofa, where you and your family sit and spend time can be a great spot to decorate.  A few fun Christmas pillows and simple throw can be very decorative. Other spots in the house can be decorated in a simple way and it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.

Mother nature has some beautiful decor of her own and it’s usually free. Here are a few simple ways to make your house “simply” festive. Happy Decorating!.



Last year although I had a large tree for a change, the ONLY decorations I put on the tree were white lights. The tree was far too beautiful to cover up with anything.


Christmas pillows can make a sofa or chair look especially festive during the holidays. Just changing out a few can have a big impact.

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Simple birch sticks in a crock or large container make a classic winter themed statement.

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Wooden bowls or glass vases are great for filling with fir, spruce or pine.  Adding some pinecones or berries can add a little natural beauty to your arrangement.

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Real or faux berries in a vase are simply beautiful on their own at Christmas and throughout the winter.


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A simple mitten with some real or faux greenery hanging from a doorknob or just about anywhere looks super cute and festive.

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Not everyone needs a giant Christmas tree….there is beauty in the small ones as well.

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This one branch in this gold vase has a simple modern look.

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And bunches of branches…well, they always look great.

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branches in sugar, to resemble snow are a festive and simple idea.

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Wrapping gifts with kraft paper, string, twine or a black or white bow is a look I love. So simple, yet classy. Add a little bit of real greenery to the package for a great touch.

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This simple bowl of tangerines even looks festive by adding a little bit of Christmas greenery. The same could be done with a bowl of apples or pears.


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Spray paint some simple branches a festive color to go with your decor.

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This room looks festive and the only holiday decor it has is a simple wreath on the wall…love it.


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One thing that can for sure make your home feel cozy even with little decor is scented candles. I LOVE scented candles or tarts that smell like cloves and cinnamon. I generally burn a “sugar cookie” tart and “pumpkin” throughout the fall, but at Christmas, I love the ones that smell like pine.



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Even Christmas baking doesn’t have to be difficult. These sugar and gingerbread cookies look great. Using decorative cookie cutters to make festive shapes is sometimes all that’s needed.

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Grab some real greenery from outside and tie it together to make a garland to hang over a window in your home. A few white lights really jazz up the festiveness!.

This cake is adorable and yet so simply decorated.